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About Ji Do Kwan The Netherlands
Ji Do Kwan The Netherlands is in collaboration with
Ji Do Kwan Germany started the first contacts from mid 2016 and at the end of 2016 the decision was made to start in January 2017. Ji Do Kwan The Netherlands is a foundation enrolled at the KvK in Enschede, we are there for Ji Do Kwan schools teaching in Kong (Tang) Soo Do and Kwon Bup. We are open to any kind of Korean martial art but remain true to our Ji Do Kwan roots.
Kong Soo Do
Kong Soo Do is a Korean Karate, originating from the island of Okinawa, which came through the Japanese occupation in Korea. Kong Soo Do is also called Tang Soo Do. At Kong (Tang) Soo Do, techniques are performed that are hard, explosive and straightforward, and are performed both with hand and foot techniques. (See further our line)
18 Sibpalki
In addition to unarmed fighting you learn
Ji Do also wonders the art of traditional weapons. These 18 weapon techniques are gradually being added. Sibpalki is a classic martial art with a documented military history since 1759 whose methods can be found in 1598 writings.
Sibpalki literally means "eighteen skills" and is divided into weapon weapons, weapon weapons and weapons, including the bare fist.
Other Ji Do Kwan organizations
Are there other Ji Do Kwan organizations? Hell yes. Are these worse or better? No, they are not worse or better at all.

In general, we are all acquaintances and sometimes even friends of each other, but the thinking ways just break apart.

Ji Do Kwan is a style that is open to all. We do not think we are doing better than other organizations, but we do it differently.

Because as the name says, Ji Do Kwan says "The Way of Wisdom" and everybody must try to find his own path.
Schools in the Netherlands
Ji Do Kwan The Netherlands works with learning material that has been taught according to the traditional Kong Soo Do and Kwon Bup style.
Ji Do kwan The Netherlands has certified all its teachers according to the same guidelines. In addition, all our teachers have a VOG statement / have an application.

For information for schools that wish to join please contact
Ji Do Kwan The Netherlands.
Kwon Bup
Kwon Bup is a Korean Kung Fu or Chuan Fa, using techniques that are performed round / circular and graceful. Our style originates from GM. Yoon Byung In. (See further our line)
Our Line
The line of Ji Do Kwan begins with GM Chun Sang Sup and Yoon Byung In. GM Chun Sang Sup, has been trained at Sensei Gichin Funakoshi of Shotokan Karate and in his early youth at Lee Kyung Sul for Judo. His brother, GM Yoon Byung In, has trained at Toyama Cancer Shudokan Karate and an unknown Chuan-Fa (Kung-Fu) Master.

GM Chun Sang Sup and GM Yoon Byung In collaborated intensively to make it one of the real brothers, on March 3, 1946, Chun Sang Sup set up his own school Chosun Yun Moo Kwan, which became Ji Do Kwan later in 1953 . In probably the same year, but at the end of 1946, GM Yoon Byung In, his school was set up YMCA, which will later be Chang Moo Kwan. These two currents Jido Kwan and Chang Moo Kwan still exist.

The two Grandmothers disappeared during the Korean War and GM Chun Sang Sup has never been heard again, GM Yoon Byung In was found in North Korea and died in 1983.

In 1953, DR. Yoon Kwei Byung the highest graduate of that moment renamed Chosun Yun Moo Kwan to Ji Do Kwan "The Way of Wisdom"

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